Time is Our Most Precious Commodity

griefimage.I learned early in life that things never last. There are seasons in a persons life. I know we’ve all heard it our entire lives from our parents but to really embrace the concept and become cognizant of the changes you often have to experience them first hand. However, I’m here to tell you again. To urge you to wake up out of the brain fog of our routines lives and look beyond the day to day and imagine what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Continue reading Time is Our Most Precious Commodity

HBO Cuts the Cord – 2015 Trends

frog-152633Which industry, cable or phone, would make internet available to the home first? This was a question I asked 18 years ago at a technology conference in San Diego. My opinion was “cable” would make internet available in the home first because back then they had better customer service so extending/offering internet would be the logical next step.

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